Gifting Services

BeBoxed Gifts offers customizable gift boxes for every imaginable occasion. Our seamless shopping experience invites you to choose your theme, customize the lid of the box with your choice of logo or message, add a personal note, and even personalize the items within the box by adding custom packaging to make a bold statement.

Corporate Gifting

Foster corporate culture and strengthen relationships with employees, vendors and clients through the art of gifting. BeBoxed Gifts boxes give milestones both large and small the celebration they deserve, and show the teams of people behind them how important they are to you and your business.

Special Occasions

These are the moments that you want to last forever—and while we can’t stop time, we can help you enhance and preserve the memory of a wedding, celebratory gathering or other special event with a custom curated gift box that beautifully captures the spirit of the occasion.

Custom Orders

Have something else in mind? We’d love to build a custom gift box specially for you! Contact us to get started: